Pressure Monitoring

Real time pre-charge pressure monitoring

Real time diagnostics are becoming an increasingly important feature. Hydroll piston accumulators can be equipped with simple and extremely reliable real time pre-charge monitoring. This is one of the key advantages of piston accumulator technology over bladder accumulators.

This feature consists of a piston stopper in the gas side of the cylinder and a pressure transmitter for pre-charge pressure. During operation pre-charge pressure in compared to pressure in the hydraulic system. If the pressure difference exceeds the set limit (i.e. the piston is touching the end stopper) it is an indication of the fact that the pre-charge is below the required level and enables a service crew to react before any damage is caused to the entire system.

This feature is recommended for use when accumulators are acting as critical safety back up (e.g. wind turbines) or as critical components in energy production (e.g. wave energy rigs or hybrid systems).

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