Hydroll clamps are used to mount all types of accumulators safely and simply into position. A suitable clamp has been designed for every accumulator type.

A clamp’s task is:

  • To keep the accumulator in position
  • To carry the weight of the accumulator

Please contact our office and ask for clamps for your accumulator. Hydroll manufactures clamps according to the accumulator’s diameter. The clamps fulfill all the latest requirements on the market.

Product nameSuitability for cylinder diametersKgH mmMaterial thicknessW mmModel number *
HP Clamp 6058mm-62mm0.31003mm801
HP Clamp 9085mm - 92mm0.451403mm1101
HP Clamp 9592mm - 98mm0.451403mm1101
HP Clamp 95-290mm - 100mm0.81203mm1702
HP Clamp 120110mm - 125mm0.91453mm2002
HP Clamp 120 Heavy110mm - 125mm1.11455mm2
HP Clamp 165155mm - 165mm1.22053mm2452
HP Clamp 185170mm - 185mm12203mm2552
HP Clamp 185 Heavy170mm - 185mm1.32205mm2702
HP Clamp 205195mm - 205mm1.52303mm2912
HP Clamp 205 Heavy195mm - 205mm22305mm2952
HP Clamp 230220mm - 230mm1.82703mm3102
HP Clamp 300280mm - 300mm23253mm3652

* Model 1 = one-piece, Model 2 = two-piece

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